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·        What is the Gypsy Booster Club (GBC)?

The GBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to assist athletes on competitive teams at Eagan Gleasons Gymnastics.  The main way we are able to accomplish this is to organize fundraising opportunities for your athlete to pay for related expenses.  The GBC is run by the GBC board.

The GBC is separate from Gleason’s Gymnastics School, Gleason’s coaching staff, and Gleason’s staff office.  Your booster club account is managed separately from your Gleason’s account on the payment portal. 

·         Who is on the GBC board?

The GBC Board of Directors are parent volunteers of current athletes that areelected by athletes’ families to represent each of the competitive teams.  Each position on the GBC board holds a two-year term.  The Board positions include:


Vice President



Team Representatives: (Girls Compulsory, Girls Optionals, Xcel, Boys & Tramp & Tumbling)

Please see the GBC bulletin board in the hallway at Gleason’s or refer to the GBC page on the Gleason’s website for a list of current GBC board members.  The GBC webpage is currently under construction and will be available with updates shortly.

·         Who can participate in the GBC?

The GBC Board holds monthly meetings. Typical meetings include status of completed and upcoming fundraisers, Treasurer’s Report,  President’s Report, as well as other business that comes up. If you would like a specific item discussed at the next GBC Board meeting, please let your team rep know!  Minutes from these meetings will soon be available on the Gleason’s website at http://www.gleasons.com/#.  (Go to the “Teams” and select the Eagan Booster Club option.)

·         How do fundraisers work?

Each of the competitive teams are assigned to coordinate at least one fundraiser throughout the season.   The team rep from the assigned team will contact team parents to request volunteers to help with the fundraisers.  Parent volunteers are needed to help make each fundraiser a success!

Team reps will send out e-mails to athletes/parents regarding the upcoming fundraisers.  It’s very important that your current email address is on file with your team rep so that you receive these e-mails! Fundraising forms are distributed via the file folders set up for each team in the hallway by the GBC mailbox or sent electronically through email.  Fundraiser forms will soon be available on the GBC webpage.

Fundraisers are optional for each athlete.  Athletes from all teams may participate in any or all scheduled fundraisers.    Fundraiser profits are tracked by family, so an athlete that does a lot of fundraising will directly see the impact of that fundraising on your GBC statement.  Conversely, if an athlete does not participate in fundraising, they will not have profits available to apply towards eligible expenses. 

Please be mindful of the volunteers coordinating the fundraisers:

­   Make sure that orders are turned into the GBC mailbox on the wall in the hallway on time.  Late orders may not be included in final sales.

­   The full amount due must be turned in with your order for the order to be placed.

­   Whenever possible, please write a single check for the entire order amount.

­   Mark the delivery dates and times on your calendar and pick up product within the specified window!  If you find you are unable to pick it up yourself, please find someone else to pick it up for you.  Gleason’s does not allow the GBC Board to store fundraiser items at the gym, nor do they have freezer space to store frozen items that have not been picked up.

·         What are eligible expenses that can be paid from my booster account?

Any athlete expenses incurred from competitions are eligible to be reimbursed.  This includes:

­   Team fees

­   Meet fees

­   USAG annual fee

­   Travel expenses for the athlete: (hotel room, airfare, etc.)

­   Competition leos and warmups

­   Equipment (Tramp shoes, grips, tape, etc.)

Tuition is NOT considered an eligible expense to be paid from your booster account, therefore recreational athletes may participate in Fundraisers to go toward the GBC general account only

·         How do Team Fees work?

Each year, Team Fees are assessed to each athlete on a competitive program.  In October, each team turns in a budget for expected travel costs for coaches for the upcoming season.  Based on the budget and the number of athletes on the team, each athlete is charged their portion of the team’s cost.  This share is known as your Team Fee.

Gleason’s charges Team Fees directly on your monthly tuitionbill (along with leos, meet fees, etc.)  Team Fees are the only expense that is automatically paid through your booster club account directly to the gym.  When Team Fees are assessed, the GBC Treasurer will check the balance of your booster account (from fundraising efforts).  Any credit in your account is paid to Gleason’s by the GBC up to the amount charged that month.  Any outstanding balance (after payment from your booster account is applied) will need to be paid by you to Gleason’s.

Additional questions on team fees can directed to the Team Fee Coordinator, Pam Magyar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

·         How do I get reimbursed for expenses other than team fees? 

GBC Reimbursement forms are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway by the GBC mailbox.  Please fill out the form completely, attach proof of payment and any required documentation and turn it into the GBC mailbox.

If the expense is turned in prior to incurring the expense (ex. Leo that will be charged to your bill), the GBC Treasurer will submit a payment to Gleason’s on your behalf from your booster account. That cost will be subtracted from your Gleason’s bill.  You will receive an updated booster club statement, which is your confirmation that the payment has been submitted to Gleason’s. (If you do not receive a statement, the payment did not make the timing cutoff to be paid directly to Gleason’s.  You will need to pay Gleason’s to avoid a late fee and the reimbursement will be made directly back to you.  Please see timing question below for more information.) 

If the expense is turned in after you have already paid the expense (ex. Hotel room), the GBC Treasurer will make the disbursement from your booster account and mail payment directly to you. 

Please remember, all expenses submitted for reimbursement need to have attached documentation for the expense, such as a receipt.  For reimbursements paid directly to Gleason’s (before you’ve paid the charge), please print off the billing statement from the online parent portal showing the expense and attach it to your disbursement request. 

For reimbursements being paid directly back to the parent, please submit a receipt or other proof that the expense has been paid (ex. credit card statement).  A parent portal printout can also be submitted as long as it shows both the charge and the payment.  

·         What are the planned fundraisers for the 2017-2018?



Coordinating Team




Used Leo Sale


Girls Compulsory

Gertens Holiday Greenery



Heggie’s Pizza


Girls Optional

Gypsy Flyers Meet

End of January

Gleason’s Gymnastics*

Gertens Plant Cards



Droolin’ Moose Candy



*Gypsy Flyers is a T&T meet, but all team families are able to participate in the event. 

·         What is the timing of billing and disbursements/reimbursements?



Gleason’s invoices are billed

15th of month

Team fees that are billed for the month are provided to the GBC treasure

17th of month

Reimbursements that you would like to have applied towards your unpaid invoice need to be submitted to the Booster Club Box            

20th of month

Team fees & credits from your booster account will be applied to your invoice

24th of month

Automatic billing to credit cards

25th of month

How do I know how much money in in my booster account?

The GBC Board’s goal is to send you a booster club statement each month during the competition season.  Statements will typically be sent after team fees and credits have been provided to Gleason’s for invoice adjustments (~20th of each month) and it is independent of your monthly Gleason’s invoice.

Only families that have (or have had) a balance in their account throughout the year will receive statements.  

You are also welcome to direct inquiries to the GBC e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we are happy to send you a copy of your booster club statement. 

·         What happens to remaining balances in an athlete’s GBC account if they leave their program?

Because the GBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are only allowed to make reimbursements for eligible expenses incurred.  The GBC cannot just write you a check for your account balance without documentation of allowable expenses (see above).  If you leave a competitive team, it is your responsibility to find out if you have any money left in your booster account.  If there is money left, you must fill out a reimbursement form with documentation from the current competition season in order to be paid.  If you can’t supply proper documentation from the current year, any money left behind will be transferred to the GBC administrative account to be used for running the booster club.

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