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If flying through the air, flipping on the ground or jumping on trampoline is your child's favorite part of class, then this could be the team for you. Our Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling Team is known as the Gypsy Flyers. The Gypsy Flyers Team is known both at the National and International Levels and has been coaching and training athletes of all ages from level 1 all the way to the International Elite Level. If you are curious about this team and would like more information please contact the Front Desk and fill out the Team Request Information Form. Trampoline is on the many families of gymnastics.

Currently our coaching staff is comprised of 3 main coaches with 2 of them being labeled National Team Coaches from the Trampoline & Tumbling Program Director himself. Each athlete is coached on their individual skills and needs but also trained along side peers to be part of the team. This system allows us the flexibility to develop every athlete in their own way to help develop their weaknesses while further improving their strengths. With the ability in our sport to be different levels on each event and the athletes will only compete with athletes their age and gender it gives everyone a chance to be successful.

In our Program, we only have 3 main events to train. This also allows us to cross train events at the same time which lets us cut down the time needed in the gym which puts more money back into your pocket. The additional fees that are incurred due to the team are broken up and divided between the entire team which also helps minimize costs and the financial burden making it easier to be on team and allowing your athlete to be challenged, and have fun without limiting other activities due to the price. Depending on the group your athlete is in the expectations and commitment will range to allow more freedom at the lower levels for new athletes.

As always if you have any questions regarding team please contact the Front Desk and we will have a team coach contact you. They can include but aren't limited to: practice times, training, athlete placement, evaluations, competitions, and additional fees. We typically like to add new athletes to the team in late spring up to early fall.

The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) has made a few useful informational videos of what each of our team competition events are. This introduces what each event the team trains and goes over what to expect. A lot of these skills you will see are being trained right now in our Elite Team Group. Again, keep in mind this is the highest level of athletes in the world. If you are interested in seeing what skills a lower level athlete would train, feel free to ask!

Spouts is our pre-team, noncompetitive, level in the Trampoline & Tumbling program. Beginning athletes work on basic skills as well as routine acquisition.  

Athletes at this level work on basic skills and routine composition for levels 3-5 on all three events. This is the first opportunity for athletes to attend competitions.  

Athletes at this level work on basic skills and routine composition for levels 5-7 on all three events. Athletes begin to learn how to twist their basic somersaults.  Athletes on Junior team begin traveling across the US for competitions. 

Athlete’s levels 8-10 learn and compete optional as well as compulsory routines on all three events. These athletes may attend travel meets, Regional Championships and qualify for National Championships.

At level 10, every two years, a USA Age Group Team is selected to compete internationally at the World Age Group Games (WAG). Gleason’s has produced numerous medalists as well as national champions in the age groups who have made this team and have competed for the USA in the World Age-Group Games.

Our Elite Team consists of athletes at the Junior & Senior Elite levels. At this level the athletes train five days per week and have mastered very difficult routines that will allow them many opportunities to compete internationally. 

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