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If flying through the air, flipping on the ground or jumping on trampoline is your child's favorite part of class, then this could be the team for you. Our Competitive Trampoline & Tumbling Team is known as the Gypsy Flyers. The Gypsy Flyers Team is known both at the National and International Levels and has been coaching and training athletes of all ages from level 1 all the way to the International Elite Level. If you are curious about this team and would like more information please contact the Front Desk and fill out the Team Request Information Form. Trampoline is on the many families of gymnastics.

Currently our coaching staff is comprised of 3 main coaches with 2 of them being labeled National Team Coaches from the Trampoline & Tumbling Program Director himself. Each athlete is coached on their individual skills and needs but also trained along side peers to be part of the team. This system allows us the flexibility to develop every athlete in their own way to help develop their weaknesses while further improving their strengths. With the ability in our sport to be different levels on each event and the athletes will only compete with athletes their age and gender it gives everyone a chance to be successful.

In our Program, we only have 3 main events to train. This also allows us to cross train events at the same time which lets us cut down the time needed in the gym which puts more money back into your pocket. The additional fees that are incurred due to the team are broken up and divided between the entire team which also helps minimize costs and the financial burden making it easier to be on team and allowing your athlete to be challenged, and have fun without limiting other activities due to the price. Depending on the group your athlete is in the expectations and commitment will range to allow more freedom at the lower levels for new athletes.

As always if you have any questions regarding team please contact the Front Desk and we will have a team coach contact you. They can include but aren't limited to: practice times, training, athlete placement, evaluations, competitions, and additional fees. We typically like to add new athletes to the team in late spring up to early fall.

The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) has made a few useful informational videos of what each of our team competition events are. This introduces what each event the team trains and goes over what to expect. A lot of these skills you will see are being trained right now in our Elite Team Group. Again, keep in mind this is the highest level of athletes in the world. If you are interested in seeing what skills a lower level athlete would train, feel free to ask!

Our mission at Gleason's Brooklyn Park is to facilitate the development of confidence and a positive self-image for every child through successful experiences in the sport of gymnastics. It is our goal to use gymnastics as a means to teach young girls and boys how to become hard working and self-motivated young women and men.

Like all the other Gymnastics Competition Teams, our program trains year-round. We do have a Competition Period and a Training Period. These different times alter when new athletes can join and what type of training is occurring. Depending on the timeline of the season this could influence the ability to add athletes to the team if they are interested. As always if you have any questions please contact the Front Desk or a Team Coach.

May - September: Off Season Training
This is the best time to join the team, and get new skills needed for next season. The training is more fun and laid back with a focus on skill development in addition to improving general strength and flexibility. Depending on space available in the groups we may invite athletes to tryout out the team. During this time we will also have information team meetings about expectations and obligations.

September - December: Pre-Season Training
Using the skills learned from summer development we will use this time to start putting together skills sequences and routines to start our competition season. If you are interested in joining team this would be the last chance to join however you may have missed uniform or other deadlines that have already passed. This is a key point in training to start putting together the routines they will need during the season. 

December - May: Competition Season
Using the skills from summer and the routine construction from fall the athletes will start their competition season. The Meets range from typically 1-2 a month and with most of them being in state. Once the Meet Schedule is published it will posted and we always encourage families interested in team to attend a meet and see what the sport is all about. The higher level athletes will also travel out of the state to attend the highest level of competition. The Lower Level Athletes will have their final meet in Early May. Our Higher Level Athletes will continue their season into late June before they are done.

Tiny Trampoline Titans Team - (Levels 2-4) This is an introductory level used to introduce the sport of Trampoline & Tumbling to gentlemen in first and second grade. These Tiny Titans will be INVITE ONLY with the idea of taking kids with above average ability for their age. This group will give the option of competing at a few local meets if those athletes choose to do so. The little dudes will begin to develop a strong foundation of basic gymnastic skills but also start exposing them to the harder skills in a safe and progressive manner. This group is designed around the  expectations of what little dudes this age can do but also start to cultivate the control and discipline that will be needed in the higher levels. The skills in this group will include but not limited too: Trampoline - Shape Jumps, Body Skills, Controlled Drops, and start flipping drills. Floor- Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Round Offs and start drills for Back Handsprings. This group trains 1 hour a week.

Jumping Beans Team - (Levels 2-5) This is the first step towards being on the competition team. The general age of this group will be younger athletes from 6-10 year olds. These lower level athletes will train twice a week to put together routines to compete. These skills and routines are overly demanding however the emphasis will be on control, form, and confidence. This is the first level when the athletes are expected to attend all the local meets and continue to improve both as an athlete and as a person. Depending on the space available in this group we are always looking to add new athletes on team. These kids are expected to already have a strong Handstand and Cartwheel on Floor and also have all the Body Skills and Drops on Trampoline. In this group the athletes will begin flipping both forwards and backwards and also begin Round Off Back Handsprings on Floor. The skills in this group will include but not limited too: Trampoline - Twisting Shape Drops, Front and Back Flips and Sequences of basic skills in a row. Floor - Both Standing and Running Round offs, Back Handsprings on Trampoline and down an Incline Mat and lastly Running Round Off Back Handspring. This group trains about 4 hours a week.

Rookie Team - (Levels 3-6) This is also a first step towards being on the competition team. However unlike the Jumping Bean Group, this group has athletes ranging from 8 to 11 years. This is a great start for athletes who are still new to team but may have some previous skills that give them the advantage over the Jumping Beans Group. This kids are older and will be taught to increase their fundamentals but also work on the more challenging skills side by side. Again, to join the team they should already have a strong Handstand and Cartwheel on Floor and also have all the Body Skills and Drops on Trampoline. In this group the athletes will begin flipping both forwards and backwards and also begin Round Off Back Handsprings on Floor. Depending on their skill level, twisting flips and multiple Back Handsprings in a row could be in the future as well. The skills in this group will include but not limited too: Trampoline - Twisting Shape Drops, Front and Back Flips and Sequences of basic skills in a row. Floor - Both Standing and Running Round Offs, Back Handsprings on Trampoline and down an Incline Mat and lastly Running Round Off Back Handspring. This group trains about 4 hours a week.

Junior Team - (levels 4-6) This is the second major group for the  team. From this point on the training groups will be designed around skill level not by age. This group will use the basic flips and skills from the previous levels and start flipping in harder positions. We will also begin to train several Handsprings in a row and introduce doing flips in a row. This is the first group when things may get challenging. Due to this new demand of the skills being trained, the number of hours will increase to allow more time to get stronger and get more turns in within their training days. Trampoline will start harder Flips and introduce Twisting Flips. It will also incorporate a few harder skills in a row. On Floor we will continue to develop the Back Handspring and start trying to connect several Handsprings in a row.  This group will train between 4-6 hours a week.

Intermediate Team - (Levels 5-7) This is the last group before the athletes start training optional level gymnastics. If you are new to team with previous experience, this would be the highest level to join if your athlete had the skills to be at level with their peers. This group will train 3 days a week and focus more on form in addition to harder skills. All athletes need a solid foundation of basic skills and good technique to allow them to be successful in this group. On Trampoline the athletes will use the harder individual skills learned in previous levels to connect flips together in a sequence. They will also start to do flips both to and from their body landings. On Tumbling they will continue to train multiple Back Handsprings but then also start working on flipping on the Floor out of Back Handsprings and be introduced to Whips which are Back Handsprings without using your hands. This group trains between 6-9 hours a week.

Advance Team - (Levels 6-9) This is the first group of optional level gymnastics training. The athletes in this group will also have two routines on every event and need to use their skills to make up their own routines using the rules and guidelines for each level. These athletes are expected to also take their competitions out of the state to further develop their skills and compete with people of their ability on bigger more challenging meets. On Trampoline the athletes will be training routines where most skills are flipping from feet to feet. They will have both twisting flips and also incorporate double flips as well. On Tumbling they will use a series of Back Handsprings and Whips to tumbling down the 120' Rod Floor and end their passes with a high twisting or double flip. These athletes are going to train at least 4 days a week and come between 9-12 hours a week.

Elite Team - (Levels 8 to Elite) This is the highest level of team training we have and everyone competing at level 10 on at least one of the three events. This group will travel the country in efforts to compete with the best of the best. At this level the athletes will train several doubles in a row on Trampoline along with adding multiple twisting double flips in their routine. At the Elite Level you will see skills being trained that are the same as the above video talking about Trampoline. For Tumbling you will see them racing down the Floor with a series of speed and control to allow double flipping and twisting skills at the end. At the Elite Level on Floor you will see them not only do multiple flipping at the end but also in the middle of their routine. In the past, these athletes have not only won and placed high at the National Meets, but they are also invited to train at the National Team Camps. Currently we are also proud to have EDP (Elite Development Program) Athletes and athletes on the USA Junior National Team. Due to the nature of the skills and training, these athletes will come 4-5 days a week ranging from 12-15 hours a week.

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