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If Trampoline or Tumbling is your child's favorite event, consider joining the Gypsy Flyers; our Trampoline & Tumbling competitive team. The Gypsy Flyers are known nationally and internationally for their successful athletes.

"Our misson at Gleason's Maple Grove is to facilitate the development of confidence and a positive self-image for every child through successful experiences in the sport of gymnastics. It is our goal to use gymnastics as a means to teach young girls and boys how to become hard working and self-motivated young women and men."

Throughout the entire year, coaches at Maple Grove use progressions to push athletes to the next level as long as the athlete feels safe and can complete the skills comfortably.

June - September (non-competition season)

  • Learning new skills while perfecting and maintaining the skills and basics the athletes currently have.

September - December (pre-competition season)

  • Learning routines and preparing for competition season.

December - June (competition season)

  • Perfecting routines and learning new skills to push athletes to the next level or increase the diffiulty of their routines.


Jumping Beans (Levels 3-5): This is the first step to an athletes competitive T&T gymnastics career. Athletes learn the basics of T&T gymnastics; which include Round Offs, Back Handsprings, Back Flips and Front Flips. Athletes practice 4 hours a week.

Junior Team (Levels 5-7): Athletes who show consistency and good technique in Back Handsprings, Back Flips and Front Flips are welcome to join the Junior T&T Team. Athletes practice 5.5 hours a week.

Intermediate Team (Levels 7-9): This is the beginning of the athletes' optional T&T gymnastics career. They will begin learning twisting skills and multiple flipping skills. Athletes practice 8.25 hours a week.

Advanced Team (Levels 8-10): Athletes on the Advanced Team are doing upper level T&T gymnastics skills. Athletes practice 11 hours a week.

Elite Team: The Elite level is the highest level attained in T&T gymnastics. Athletes must qualify at Level 10, in order to compete as an Elite Athlete. Elite T&T gymnasts are working on very high level T&T gymnastics skills. Elite athletes practice 11+ hours a week.

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