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Like all the other Gymnastics Competition Teams, our program trains year-round. We do have a Competition Period and a Training Period. These different times alter when new athletes can join and what type of training is occurring. Depending on the timeline of the season this could influence the ability to add athletes to the team if they are interested. As always if you have any questions please contact the Front Desk or a Team Coach.

May - September: Off Season Training
This is the best time to join the team, and get new skills needed for next season. The training is more fun and laid back with a focus on skill development in addition to improving general strength and flexibility. Depending on space available in the groups we may invite athletes to tryout out the team. During this time we will also have information team meetings about expectations and obligations.

September - December: Pre-Season Training
Using the skills learned from summer development we will use this time to start putting together skills sequences and routines to start our competition season. If you are interested in joining team this would be the last chance to join however you may have missed uniform or other deadlines that have already passed. This is a key point in training to start putting together the routines they will need during the season. 

December - May: Competition Season
Using the skills from summer and the routine construction from fall the athletes will start their competition season. The Meets range from typically 1-2 a month and with most of them being in state. Once the Meet Schedule is published it will posted and we always encourage families interested in team to attend a meet and see what the sport is all about. The higher level athletes will also travel out of the state to attend the highest level of competition. The Lower Level Athletes will have their final meet in Early May. Our Higher Level Athletes will continue their season into late June before they are done.

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