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Nick Awards

Nick George is one of our Trampoline and Tumbling athletes from Maple Grove. He has had such an impressive year! Nick was named to the Junior National Team and has the potential to represent the United States in international competition. We are extremely proud to announce that Nick will be competing tumbling at the World Age Group Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 16-19. Nick will be the first athlete from Maple Grove to compete at this competition since Courtney Osborn competed at the World Age Groups in 2005. Courtney won the bronze medal on Double Mini in his age group.

What are the World Age Groups you might ask. The World Age Groups are held in conjunction with the Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships. The World Championships are where Senior Elite Athletes from around the world compete as the culmination of their competitive season. The World Age Groups are a similar competition but for the Junior Elite Level. As a Junior Elite competing at the World Age Groups there are multiple age divisions for each event. Nick will be competing in the Men's 15-16 age division on tumbling.

We had a chance to sit down with Nick and talk about his past in gymnastics along with his thoughts on the upcoming competition. Nick has been in gymnastics for the past six years where he started out with the Men's program before switching to Trampoline and Tumbling. He decided to make the switch because he always found himself staring at the other athletes on trampoline and tumbling all the time. Nick loves gymnastics so much because of the competition. "I love the competition aspect of it. I've tried other sports, but gymnastics challenges me the most. Its helped me grow physically, mentally and emotionally. I've learned how to get through mental blocks through gymnastics. Once I get a skill, I want more. I crave what comes next." In addition to gymnastics, Nick enjoys playing football, soccer and hanging out with friends as often as he can.

Regarding the World Age Group Competition, Nick is very excited! "To be honest, I'm a little nervous due to this being my first international competition. I don't fully know what to expect. But I'm very happy for the opportunity to have the chance to go." In addition to the competition, Nick is most excited to be going out of the country for the first time and seeing different cultures. Nick says that he is working smarter not harder in preparation for Bulgaria. He is making the most out of his turns and spending more time on Tumbling than on Double Mini and Trampoline. After Bulgaria, Nick is going to take a short break to process everything that has happened this past season, let his body heal a little bit and then come back and get ready for the upcoming competition season.

Nick has two big influences on his life. In gymnastics, his biggest role model is Logan Dooley, a fellow elite athlete. Nick says he loves how Logan has been in the sport for a long time and that he always wants more and will always strive to make himself better. On a personal level, his role model is his Grandpa. His Grandpa was born in Greece. Once he got a little older he wanted a better life and moved to the United States. He dreamed of opening a restaurant and saw that dream all the way until he retired.

Nick has had many milestones in his career as a Trampoline and Tumbling athlete. His biggest ones are being selected for the Junior National team two years in a row and being National Champion on Double Mini. During his time as an athlete, Nick has amassed 80 gold medals, 16 silver and 14 bronze. He also has goals for the future. His short term goals are to gain new skills and become National Champion in Tumbling. His long term goals are to become a Senior Elite and a World Champion.

Finally we asked Nick if he had any advice for young kids that might be interested in Trampoline and Tumbling. Nick said, "I would encourage more boys to get into this sport. Even if you think it's just a sport for girls, it's not! I would say never give up. There will definitely be days that are hard, and that don't go your way; but all the good days you'll have will out number the bad."

We want to thank Nick for taking the time to talk with us. All of Gleason's is cheering for you and wishing you the best of luck! Go Nick!

Check out these videos of Nick doing some AMAZING tumbling passes at Nationals this past year.

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