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Parkour is a non-combative martial art that develops ones ability to overcome mental and physical obstacles. It involves movements like vaults, arm jumps, and safety landings that will help in a "reach or escape" situation. 

Free Running is a sibling to parkour. While utilizing a lot of the same techniques in parkour, freerunning is focused more on acrobatics and self expression by making use of flips, twists, and tricks. 

In parkour/freerunning, all students will learn the techniques of both disciplines in a safe environment. All students will learn landing, falling, rolling, vaulting, flipping, and in turn develop an understanding of useful strength, self improvement and self understanding. Check out this movement!

In this level, the goal is to promote Body Awareness and control to create a strong foundation of athleticism. Students will learn the basic skills of Free Running such as Vaults, Rolls, Precisions, and Climb-Ups.

This class is for ages 7-10.

In the beginning level students will solidify basic Free Running Skill such as Vaults, Rolls, Precisions and Climb-Ups. Students will also begin to work on Front Flips, Back Flips and start to understand the philosophy of the sport.

This class is for ages 11 and older.

In Beginning 2, students will continue to use skills learned in Kids and Beginner 1. Students in this level will start to work on harder skills such as Off Axis Flips, Twists and transitional skills for movement flow.

This class is for ages 11 and older. It is offered at our Eagan location only.

In the Intermediate Class, students will use all the skills acquired in the previous levels and begin to cultivate a personal style and flow. Students will understand the philosophy of the sport and utilize it throughout the class and continue to learn more skills such as Wall Flips, Gainers and Castaways.

This class is for ages 11 and older.

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of Parkour so that you can understand how to manuver throughout your environment as quickly and safely as possible. As well in Parkour you'll have the chance to learn the aspects of Free Running in a safe and low impact environment.

This class is for ages 18 and older.

**This class is available at our Brooklyn Park location only.

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