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We have our students split into two age groupings in order to keep the progression rate relatively similar for students in the same class. For boys, our age groups are 5-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds. For girls, our age grouping is 5-8 year olds.

Similar to many Martial Art belt systems, Ninja Zone categorizes skill level by a colored Headband system. 

White Band
Training for fundamental body movement, basic skills including ninja rolling for safety, back flip progressions, basic vaulting, wall and bar progressions, basic kicking and punching technique, development of core strength and speed. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized as well as instructor assisted learning.

Yellow Band
Similar to the White Band, we focus on training for fundamental body movement and basic skills. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized. Students should be able to perform progressions independently.

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A student's apparel is very important to ensure safety. Ninja Sports International require a specific uniform for Ninja Zone classes. Each class, your child needs to come prepared with their Ninja Zone T-Shirt and Head Band. Shorts or pants can be any type and should be dark in color. We recommend a material that allows children to move freely. Jeans and School Uniforms are not permitted on the gym floor.

The Ninja Zone Uniform also helps promote discipline and unity among the classes. It also helps the students standout among the rest of the students in the gym.

When a Ninja has shown that they are consistently excelling in their current Ninja Level, their coach will invite them to a Mission. If a Ninja successfully completes their mission, they will be given a Certificate for advancement and an opportunity to purchase the Head Band for the next level.

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