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Martial arts classes for all ages and skill levels! New student's are welcome year-round.

TaeKwonDo is the Korean art of hand and foot fighting for self-defense. Our goal is to pass on to our students not only a love for the sport, but also a deep-rooted respect for themselves and others.

Every beginning student starts as a white belt and progresses through ten ranks toward a black belt. Students earn stripes as they advance, and test for the next belt ranking when ready.

We offer both your and adult classes with instruction tailored to each student. Beginners are welcome in both classes.

These classes are available at our Eagan location only.

Youth classes target younger students who may be new to TaeKwonDo or prefer a less rigorous training regimen.

Adult classes are designed for more mature students who can handle both stricter instruction and rigorous training.

Contact Eagan

2015 Silver Bell Rd. Suite 180
City State Zip
Eagan MN, 55122
(651) 454-6203

Contact Brooklyn Park

8201 Brooklyn Blvd, Suite #800
City State Zip
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
(763) 493-2526